Rhassoul Clay hair mask

Rhassoul clay (aka Ghassoul Clay) is a clay from Morocco that is extremely rich in nutrients that prove to be precious for hair and skin. No wonder why there is a growing number of beauty salons and practitioners that started using Rhassoul clay mask for hair and body treatments.

Our hair faces daily very harsh conditions every single day. Sudden changes in humidity and temperature, extensive use of hair blowers, environmental pollution, bad eating habits, stress, sun radiation; and so many more; so many that we cannot address them all in just one post. What is of the essence though is the fact that we all do tend to mistreat our hair one way or another. Eventually, we see our hair lose its volume, softness, elasticity, shine, and, in some cases, we even see it falling. There are many steps that we can take to prevent the deterioration of our hair, and one of them is to start using Ghassoul Clay by Moroccan Heritageā„¢.

Rhassoul Clay (Ghassoul)
Rhassoul Clay (Ghassoul)

Lost in the centuries, the use of the Rhassoul clay for hair and body treatments was used by the Berber tribes of Morocco.

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Rhassoul Clay Benefits

Ghassoul Clay Facial Mask and Hair Care

Nature has so many hidden wonders and so many answers to so many problems that it is no wonder that nowadays, during the time of advanced technology and scientific knowledge, we obtain the critical understanding that no chemical or artificial product can ever give so many benefits as the 100% natural products.

One of the many well hidden secrets of traditional Moroccan beauty treatments is the rhassoul clay (aka ghassoul clay, red clay, oxide clay, or red Moroccan clay).

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

This is an amazingly nutritious mineral clay that is being mined in the almighty Atlas Mountains in Morocco for more than 15 centuries now.

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