Prickly Pear Seed Oil benefits

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Prickly pear, aka barbary fig, belongs to the cactus family. The prickly pear can be found in the harsh deserts of Mexico and Africa, but the finest quality can be found in the deserts of Morocco. This cactus is certainly a “winner” since it manages to thrive in really harsh environmental conditions. It manages to concentrate all precious nutrients and protect it by storing them under its hard outer skin and sharp thorns. The prickly pear seed oil, aka barbary fig seed oil, is made from the seeds of this amazing cactus.

Prickly pear cactus

The Barbary Fig Seed Oil by Moroccan Heritage™ proves to be a multi-tasking precious serum made solely from cold-pressed prickly pear oil from the deserts of Morocco.

It is a 100% natural organic beauty product that doesn’t contain any parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, or animal ingredients. This is very important to know, because the internet is full of dozens of “pure prickly pear oil” beauty products. Most of the times, these products may try to become appealing to potential buyers by dropping their prices very low. But, the lower the price, the lower the quality you will get. Moroccan Heritage™ can provide you 100% natural organic Moroccan prickly pear oil of the finest quality at the most competitive price. The 1 fl. oz. glass bottle of Barbary Fig Seed Oil costs only $89.99 and is more than worth every single penny you will pay for it!

Barbary Fig Seed Oil

Prickly Pear Seed Oil benefits

The benefits of using daily the Barbary Fig Seed Oil by Moroccan Heritage™ are many. It can be used as multi-tasking beauty serum and proves to be a great facial moisturizer as well as an ideal hair care conditioner for all skin and hair types. From the very first time you will spray it on your skin or hair, you will be pleasantly surprised of how quickly and deeply it will be absorbed without leaving any unpleasant oily feeling or look. After only a couple of days you will be amazed how it will restore the elasticity of your skin. You will surely love it and the best part is that you won’t need any extra facial moisturizer, since it fully and naturally moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. Regardless of whether your face is dry, sunburned, or oily, this amazing natural prickly pear oil will stabilize your skin’s Ph balance and it will even tighten your skins pores and will refine your skin texture. Also, after using it for a couple of weeks, it will start protecting your skin from premature aging and formation of wrinkles. And it gets even better; it will make under-eye shadows and eye bags disappear and will even brighten skin dark spots. Therefore, it proves to be a great facial moisturizer with strong anti aging and anti wrinkle effects. A great beauty product, especially for those that spend a lot of time under the sun or live in sunny countries !!!

Radiant and flawless skin within first days!
Radiant and flawless skin within first days!

The Barbary Fig Seed Oil by Moroccan Heritage™ also proves to be a great hair care beauty product. Let’s be honest, our everyday activities and our daily routine can be very harsh on our hair. Loads of stress, probably bad eating habits, dehydration, environmental pollution, etc. are only few negative factors that prove to be disastrous for the condition of our hair. It is essential that you follow a natural and effective hair care treatment. The earlier, the better. Don’t forget that our hair needs nutrients, like our skin does. The 100% natural prickly pear oil is rich in precious antioxidants, carotens, and Vitamin E. All these are more than essential for healthy looking and bright hair; no wonder why an ever growing number of women and beauty salons start using prickly pear oil for skin and hair care treatments.

The best thing about prickly pear oil is that it does not make your hair heavy. On the contrary, it will fully moisturize your hair by adding the right amount of moisture your hair needs during the day. And since this is a 100% natural beauty product, you can use it daily as a facial moisturizer and as a hair care conditioner, without any side-effects. No need to expose your skin and hair to chemicals any more. The wise nature has solutions to all beauty problems. Try Barbary Fig Seed Oil by Moroccan Heritage™ TODAY, let nature protect and gently nourish your skin and hair!

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