Protect your skin, hair and lips this winter with Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan Oil – the best skin care and hair care treatment

Winter is the most romantic season of the year. It is a perfect chance to have some really cozy moments by the fireplace, drinking wine with friends, and staring at the snow falling outside. But, unfortunately, winter may prove very harsh on your lips, skin, and hair. Due to the big temperature differences between inside and outside, in sever cases these differences may over-exceed 104ºF (40ºC), our skin has some really tough times, and many people may have serious skin problems with the most common being skin dryness and cracking, dry and harsh lips, fizzy harsh hair with no volume. And the older someone gets, the more intense these problems may become. This is because after a certain age, somewhere around 30s, our body produces an ever decreasing amount of collagen, the magic nutrient that keeps our skin and hair healthy looking, shiny, and soft. Therefore, winter may accelerate the creation of wrinkles.

Fortunately, there are many ways that we can protect our lips, skin, and hair. In order to get the best skin care and hair care treatment, we need to find a 100% natural organic moisturizer that will offer us a complete anti aging, anti wrinkle protection.

One of the top nutrients to protect us from the harshness of the winter is the Moroccan argan oil. Be aware though, it is very important that the Moroccan argan oil is of the finest quality. One of the top products available in the market is the 100% natural organic Moroccan argan oil by Moroccan Heritage™.

Natural 100% Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturizer
Natural 100% Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturizer

The Moroccan argan oil is the best argan oil you can get, since the Moroccan Heritage™ fully respects the rich and wise Moroccan beauty secrets and applies the highest quality standards at all production phases of this precious “liquid gold”. So, you will surely be wondering how this beauty product can protect your lips, skin, and hair and provide you with a full anti aging and anti wrinkle beauty treatment.

You can use this amazing 100% natural organic Moroccan argan oil as a handy moisturizer for the eyes area and lips. The area around the eyes is very sensitive when it comes to wrinkles, therefore this is the first area on which a proper anti wrinkle skin care treatment should focus on. The Moroccan argan oil is great for this very sensitive area, because it contains three times larger quantity of Vitamin E than pure olive oil. It is scientifically proven that linoleic acid has very positive anti wrinkle effects. Apply it on the area around your eyes, on the forehead, or on top of the so-called laugh lines. Gently massage, and let all the precious nutrients of the argan oil be absorbed by your skin. You will see amazing results only within a couple of days.

Keep your lips moisturized with argan oil
Keep your lips moisturized with argan oil

Also if you suffer from dry lips during winter, then we suggest you to use the argan oil by Moroccan Heritage™ on this case, too. Gently spray on your lips and and let it condition, moisturize and soothe your lips. After all, this is a great natural organic product rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Your lips will regain their natural state in no time!

Of course, you can use the Moroccan argan oil as a full body moisturizer. As mentioned above, the fast and very frequent large temperature differences that we experience daily during the winter, leave our skin dry and in a very bad condition. Spend a couple of minutes before going to bed and spray this amazing argan oil on your skin and massage gently. It gets absorbed fully and very fast. Therefore, you can also use it just before getting out. The argan oil will make your skin look shiny, smooth, and properly moisturized.

Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Another great application for the 100% natural organic argan oil by Moroccan Heritage™, is your hair. It proves to be a great hair care beauty product. Spray a small quantity on your hair and start massaging from the roots to the ends. Ideally, do it before going to bed at night. Wrap your hair with a warm towel and leave them like this for the night. Next morning, wash your hair with you shampoo and you will be impressed how healthy your hair will look like. All these precious nutrients that hide in this small bottle of the 100% natural organic argan oil by Moroccan Heritage™ will bring back to your hair their lost volume and softness!

It is being sold in a very classy 3.4 fl. oz. glass bottle and its price is amazingly good for all the benefits it offers; just $49.99 !!!

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