Best Anti Aging Face Moisturizer

Best Anti Aging Moisturizer

Barbary Fig Seed Oil Benefits

Moroccan Barbary Fig Seed Oil features an exceptional concentration of vitamin E and Linoleic acid (higher than levels found in Argan oil). The top benefits of using Barbary fig seed oil are:

– Stimulates cell growth.
– Powerful skin moisturizer, supporting a healthy complexion.
– Highest protection against free radicals.
– Calms skin inflammation.
– Due to the linoleic acid it helps to soften and heal skin from acne.
– Contains active minerals, betalains and amino acids that make it invaluable skin      re-generator.
– Tones and tightens skin, thus preventing premature aging.
– Ameliorates the appearance of puffy eyes and diminishes dark circles.
– Revitalizes mature skin by reducing signs of hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and        by enhancing the overall skin tone.
– Ameliorates the appearance of redness, brown spots or sunburn.

Moroccan Heritage™ provides original cold pressed Barbary Fig Seed Oil, manufactured in Morocco and obtained through the traditional manufacturing method. Use this face serum daily and see your skin rejuvenated in just a few days!

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