Anti Aging Moisturizer

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Barbary Fig Seed Oil

Barbary Fig Seed Oil (also known as Cactus Oil, or Prickly Pear Seed Oil) is the new “IT” oil of the moment, as sublime Argan oil in the amount of anti-oxidants and vitamin E it contains. It also contains linoleic acid, which helps in curing acne and soften and heal skin as well. It has ten times the benefits of Argan oil – Can you believe that?

With a background already prepared by other popular fatty acids and nutrient rich oils such as Argan oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil, Barbary fig seed oil is set to deliver everything the above oils provide and much more, all together.

Extracted from a cactus growing in Morocco, Barbary Fig Seed Oil is following Argan oil as a great new cosmetic export from Morocco.

Barbary fig cactus

Being 100% natural, this anti wrinkle and anti-aging moisturizer is the new “liquid gold”!

The Barbary fig seed oil is one of the most precious oils currently available on the market for obvious reasons. Considering its amazing properties and the extremely difficult extraction process, Barbary fig seed oil is considered the Holy Grail in the Beauty industry.

Fun Fact: The Barbary fig seeds contain as much as 5% oil. It takes 1000 kg of seeds to produce just 1 liter of Barbary fig seed oil. Now, do you realize why this special beauty oil has a higher price than Argan oil?

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